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Visiting the Schneiberg Museum

The Schneiberg Museum can be visited only by appointment

Please call +39 351 6668169

or send an email to : booking@museoschneiberg.org

Opening hours:

The tours, led by the museum curator, last about 90 minutes

and can be booked on the following days:

Thursday tours start at 14:30 and at 16:30

Friday tours start at 14:30 and at 16:30

Saturday tours start at 14:30 and at 16:30


30 Euro per person- max 10 people

Abbonamenti Torino – 20 Euro

Artsupp card  – 20 Euro

Private visits can be arranged upon request.


The Schneiberg Museum in Via Santa Teresa 20 is located on the main floor of the Palazzo Provana di Collegno in Turin. Access is allowed through the courtly staircase, and shortly also by elevator.